Kevin Garrington


Kevin Garrington: EFT Practitioner (AMT Member), Psychotherapist & Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist D Hyp,BSCH, GHR (Reg.) SQHP. , NLP and CBT Practitioner, Forensic Hypnosis Practitioner (Member EIFH), Bioresonance Practitioner, Diplomas in Stress Management, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Sports Psychology, NLP, and Life Coaching

Kevin qualified as a EFT Practitioner in 2005, qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in July 1997 with the London College Of Clinical Hypnosis holding both certificate and diploma accreditations with the British Society for Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH). He is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, holding the senior accreditation for the GHR due to his significant experience gained in this field. He has also completed specialised training in Forensic Hypnosis and is a member of the European Institute of Forensic Hypnosis (EIFH). Only a very small number of people in the UK hold the specialised Forensic Hypnosis Practitioner Diploma. He has also undertaken and holds further masterclass hypnotherapy accreditations for Weight Management and Stop Smoking therapy. Qualified at Practitioner level of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in 2005, a qualified Psyvhotherapist & Counsellor, Bioresonance Therapist and Clinician his expertise and knowledge in helping people also comes from more than 25 years experience in the 'commercial world' and so understands the pressures and stress that people are sometimes subjected to in the 'real world' of relationships, business and sports disciplines.

Qualifications: Clinical Hypnotherapist, D Hyp, BSCH, GHR (Reg.) SQHP
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia and Pain Consultant
EFT Practitioner, EFTP
Stress Management Consultant

Diplomas in Psychotherapy & Counselling, Stress Management, NLP, Life Coaching, Sports Psychology

Forensic Hypnosis Practitioner, Member EIFH

Bioresonance Practitioner



  • EFT Practitioner